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This page contains information useful for our potential suppliers.

Our purpose is the establishment of long-term business relations with our partners, based on mutual correctness, respect and loyalty.

We are open to discuss any type of business partnership with interested foreign producers or suppliers of cables, wires and conductors, mentioned in our Catalogue, as well as for other types not indicated therein. Because one of our main working principles is to meet the needs our customers as full as possible, we are interested to extend our contacts also with other suppliers of different kinds of electrotechnical products, incl. electrical equipment, distribution transformers, cable accessories, insulation materials.

Technical requirements

  1. General quality requirements: We would like to establish contacts also with other producers or suppliers who can guarantee the high quality of the supplied products or services.
  2. Quality standards: The products have to comply with the generally accepted European and world standards.
  3. Information, proving product quality: In order to increase the confidence of our customers in our range of products we can ask our partners to send us: Quality certificates, Test reports, Samples, other applicable information.
  4. Advertising materials: In order to increase our market share and in order to ensure a broader introduction of the products of our partners - suppliers (e.g. during advertisement campaigns, participations in exhibitions or fairs), we can ask them to send us different kinds of advertising materials – catalogues, leaflets, samples, boards or other available materials by their decision.
  5. Packing: The standard packing types which we use are:
    • Coils: in lengths of 50, 100, 200 and 400 meters, wrapped in polyethylene heat-shrinkable foil, appropriately labeled with a label containing the following information: Product type, Size/section, Coil length, Standard. Coils must be placed on wooden pallets with sizes 120 cm õ 80 cm (EUR pallets). In cases when the coils are not wrapped in polyethylene heat-shrinkable foil it is permissible to be placed on the pallet unpacked, but the whole pallet must be covered with stretch foil.
    • Drums: Can be plastic, fazer, plywood or wooden. It is preferable, if possible, the drums also to be placed on EUR pallets lying on their flanges. When this is not possible (e.g. because of the big size or weight of the drum) the drums may be placed separately – lying or standing. In all cases the drums must be loaded and well fixed in a way that can guarantee their safe transportation, while in the same time not obstructing their unloading.
    • Other packing types to be agreed additionally.

Commercial requirements

One of our main working principles is the timely and precise processing of the information, received from our partners. In order to be able to keep to this main principle of ours also in the future we would like to receive in your offers the following points:

  1. Price: For the products, in which price the metal price is a main factor (cables, wires, conductors), please mention if the product price is calculated on a certain metal price basis or if it is fixed. In cases when the price is basic, it is necessary to mention the metal price (quotation), according to which this price was calculated, as well as the metal contents in the product, so that we can recalculate this price when needed. Where applicable, please mention your requirements for settling the quotation (determining the period of the quotation and other conditions).
  2. Currency: It is preferable the currency of the price of the product, the currency of the price of the metal and the currency of the payment, to be the same. In cases when any of these currencies are different, please indicate the method of recalculation (e.g. applicable exchange rate).
  3. Time of delivery: The maximum acceptable time of delivery for one full truck is 4 – 6 weeks. In case of deviation from this time of delivery, an additional preliminary negotiation and confirmation from us is necessary. In order to guarantee to our customers a timely execution of their orders we require from our suppliers to keep the confirmed dates of delivery.
  4. Terms of delivery: We prefer the terms of delivery to be FCA or CIP (CIF), or DDU insured. In cases when the terms of delivery are CIP (CIF) we would like to have the insurance policy issued to our name.
  5. Terms of payment: We are ready to discuss any acceptable and reasonable methods and forms of payment, while considering: product specificity, the generally accepted business practice on our market, as well as our business reputation.
  6. Validity: Please indicate the time of validity of your proposals.

This list of “requirements” is made only to ensure a more easy and timely communication, and is prompted exclusively by our desire to protect to a maximum extent the interests of our suppliers, respectively our customers.

Our professional approach to our partners is aiming at the development and maintaining of mutual trust and correctness in our relations with them.

Further development of our cooperation

Our company is open to discuss any ideas for long-term cooperation with suppliers, interested to have more permanent presence on the Bulgarian market by establishment of:

  • Commercial representation
  • Joint-venture (including establishment of a production facility)
  • Other mutually beneficial forms of cooperation

Please contact us for more information.

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